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The JOURNAL OF NURSING HOME RESEARCH (JNHR) is a peer-reviewed international journal that considers for publication original articles in the field of Nursing Home.

Estimated number of NH resident worldwide is 17.5 million but clinical research in nursing home (NH) is still scarce. Quality improvement in the NH as well as the implementation of new care strategies and innovation should rely on robust evidence from studies developed in these settings. The JNHR aims to convey current knowledge of best practices in NH and to further connect research and clinical practice in NH. The Journal features high quality research articles on clinical, epidemiological or social subjects from scientists or practitioners working in NH and related fields. The final aim of the journal is to provide its reader’s multidisciplinary reliable research based information to enhance their skill in care to NH residents.

The JNHR is a new initiative dedicated to latest findings and clinical experiences in nursing home issues. The JNHR is edited by Serdi and published continuous. J Manuscripts should be submitted via our Online Submission System. The JNHR publishes original papers, review articles, case reports, controversies, letters to the Editor, and book reviews. Manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial staff and, if suitable, by expert reviewers assigned by the editors.


The articles published by the JOURNAL OF NURSING HOME RESEARCH (JNHR) have been submitted, by the authors, to the editorial board committee, which paids careful attention to the quality of the information to be published. Nevertheless, Serdi Publisher is not responsible for the contents. Authors are only responsible for their opinions and their  eventual mistakes.

Editor-in-Chief (Yves Rolland, MD, PhD): rolland.y@chu-toulouse.fr

Editorial office: carine.giry@serdi-publisher.com
Subcriptions: rachel.prat@serdi-publisher.com


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