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V. Guion, L. He, H. Blain, H. Villars, G. Durel, P. de Souto Barreto, Y. Rolland

Jour Nursing Home Res 2021;7:32-37

Background/Objectives: To identify which infection prevention and control (IPC) precautions in long-term care facilities (LTCF) were associated with reduced COVID-19 incidence and mortality among residents and reduced COVID-19 incidence in health care professionals (HCP). Design: Retrospective data on self-assessment of adherence to 101 IPC measures collected via an online questionnaire sent to 825 nursing homes in France in December 2020. Setting and participants: Medical and administrative staff jointly reported data on IPC measures, characteristics of LTCF, counts of residents’ COVID-19 deaths and cases, and counts of HCP cases. Measurements: Random forest models were used to identify the most important IPC measures associated with reduced number of COVID-19 deaths and cases in residents and cases in HCP. The identified variables were then included in linear regression models to estimate the association between levels of adherence to each selected IPC measure and COVID-19 deaths and cases. No data on time of IPC measures implementation were collected. Results: Data from 307 LTCF (37.2%) were collected, accounting for 22,214 residents. A higher number of COVID-19 deaths in residents was associated with a better adherence to physical distancing in group activity rooms. A better adherence by HCP to physical distancing during their mealtimes and break times was associated with fewer COVID-19 cases among residents and HCP. Other IPC measures were not significantly associated with COVID-19 cases or deaths. Conclusion: Physical distancing between residents was more implemented when LTCF had been confronted with COVID-19 deaths. Physical distancing between HCP was associated with fewer COVID-19 cases in residents and HCP, suggesting it may prevent significantly COVID-19 spreading in LTCF. HCP should particularly adhere to physical distancing measures during their mealtimes and break times. A higher adherence to such preventive measures does not require extra material or human resources and may be easily achievable.

V. Guion ; L. He ; H. Blain ; H. Villars ; G. Durel ; P. de Souto Barreto ; Y. Rolland ; (2021): Associations of infection prevention and control measures with COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes. The Journal of Nursing Home Research Science (JNHRS). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jnhrs.2021.6


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