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N. Boussier, M-E. Rougé-Bugat, J. Dupouy, A. Stillmunkès, S. Bismuth, Y. Rolland, B. Vellas, S. Oustric

Jour Nursing Home Res 2015;1:73-76

Background: Behavioural disorders or swallowing difficulties result in delivery of medication in crushed form for more than 30% of older people living in the community and 23% in the nursing home (NH). This practice can results in poor efficacy of the treatment. Based on the recommendations from the French National Authority for Health, general practitioners (GP) should be informed when their patient’s pills are crushed by the nurses. Our aim was to assess knowledge of general practitioner on medication delivered in crushed form to their patients in NH settings. Materials and method: A survey of practice was send in January and February 2013 to 63 coordinating physicians (CPs) working in 63 NH in the south of France. Self-administered questionnaire were sent. The subject of the questionnaire was information given to general practitioners (GPs) and medicine-crushing practices in NH. Results: Sixteen CPs (25.4%) agree to participate. Nine of them (56.3%) reported that they did not tell GPs about medicine crushing. Only one CP reported that his NH had a written protocol of information for GPs. However, no CP reported having a written protocol on medicine crushing. Only one CP reported that the reason for crushing medicine was systematically reported by the nurses of the NH in the charts. Conclusion: Despite national guidance, CPs reported that they did not frequently inform attending GPs when medicines were crushed.

N. Boussier ; M-E. Rougé-Bugat ; J. Dupouy ; A. Stillmunkès ; S. Bismuth ; Y. Rolland ; B. Vellas ; S. Oustric (2015): General practitioners are not inform concerning medicine crushing in nursing homes. The Journal of Nursing Home Research Science (JNHRS). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jnhrs.2015.14


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